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One Million Marine Mammals Die Every Year as a Result of Plastic Pollution.

The majority of existing activewear fabrics use polyester or virgin Nylon, and the production process requires a lot of energy and water. Nature Hommage is fueled by our goal - to make the most environmentally sustainable activewear out there.

Sustainability is the core of the Nature Hommage brand. Our mission is to stand out in the activewear industry by making activewear in an eco-conscious way from start to finish. We believe eco-consciousness must go further than the final product, starting from the early production stages to the final packaging details.

We embrace a strong obligation to give back to our community and protect our planet. We actively collaborate with humanitarian organizations to help local communities provide jobs and sweep the oceans from plastic waste.


Our Collaboration with Plastic Bank

We are delighted to share our continuous collaboration with Plastic Bank. For each sold garment, we donate to Plastic Bank. Each donation recycles 80 ocean-bound plastic bottles, which stops them from re-entering the ocean. Plastic Bank also alleviates poverty in countries such as Haiti and Indonesia. Learn more about Plastic Bank at

We donate 1 USD = 80 ocean-bound plastic bottles, for every purchase from our website to Plastic Bank

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Econyl yarn

A Human-First Approach

We maintain ethical working conditions and support human rights, diversity, and inclusion. The Gov. of Indonesia exempted our manufacturer Activewear Bali as they fulfilled all regulations on employee treatment, waste disposal & sanitation by paying employees above minimum wage and offering company-wide health insurance for their employees and their families. Our manufacturer also provides its employees with a fresh, healthy cooked meal for lunch every day and double wages for overtime.

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recycled plastics

Recycled Pieces Designed to Last

To meet our sustainability goals, we create our eco-conscious activewear from ECONYL regenerated Nylon manufactured in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This unique type of Nylon is highly reusable as it stems from nylon-waste materials, such as industrial waste, fishing nets retrieved from oceans, and landfills. Our decision to use Nylon regenerated from recycled plastic waste actively contributes to the protection of our oceans. It allows us to create high-quality activewear while caring for the environment. Learn more about ECONYL at

To avoid waste throughout our manufacturing process, we donate any left-over fabric scraps to local charity-based groups who remake them into saleable goods.

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Recycled Packaging

To protect your new activewear during transportation each piece is packaged in biodegradable cassava bags made from starch. We also ship all orders in an outer sustainably made packaging made from Stone paper. Stone paper is recyclable, the materials can be turned into more stone paper, recycled with other HDPE plastics and re-used. While a lot of tree-based paper is recycled, you cannot recycle paper indefinitely. Every time paper is recycled, the fibers shorten. It is estimated that paper can be recycled 4-6 times. stone paper reycle

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