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Anisa Nordén, Jenny Eckerud
Anisa Nordén and Jenny Eckerud, the co-founders of Nature Hommage, share a passion for making eco-friendly and timeless products. The idea of Nature Hommage was born a couple of years ago. Both of us are interested in both health and nature. We were looking for sustainable, innovative activewear but did not find anything that lived up to our standards of sustainability, material and design. This was the starting point of Nature Hommage. We started exploring fabrics, manufacturers and partnerships. Since then, the brand has been featured in magazines such as Vanity Fair, ELLE and Grazia, won awards and is now present in over 25 countries.

"We wanted our brand to consist of earthy colors fully inspired by the Earth, where everything had a connection to our planet. From the color names, to the fabrics, the product packaging and our different collaborations. With the environment as a basis the comfort is top on our priority list, as we believe comfy materials make the best pieces. Recycled Nylon is our current fabric; it is incredibly soft, balmy on the skin, and shimmeringly beautiful when it seizes the sun."

All pieces are made with quality fabrics from recycled Nylon waste, such as discarded fishing nets, are recovered from oceans and landfills for an ocean free from litter. To avoid waste throughout the manufacturing process, the left-over fabric scraps are being donated to local charity-based groups who remake them into saleable goods. By working with fabrics that have been clottering the ocean created an immediate connection between the consumer and the environment. It is our responsibility to create a space where consumers can feel confident about how they allocate their purchasing power. Each piece combines classic style and neutral colors to provide you ultimate relaxation and instant recovery—silky soft, balmy on the skin, for a minimalistic look and exceptional feel.