Most of the activewear clothing produced today is made from crude oil. The production process of this activewear from crude oil consumes a large amount of energy and water resources. At Nature Homage, we are eco-conscious, and this fuels our goal to make environmentally sustainable activewear. 

To this end, Nature Hommage puts the sustainability of the environment as one of its core ideas for the brand. True to our sustainability concept, Nature Hommage stands out in the activewear industry for making activewear in an eco-conscious way. From the beginning of the production process to the very end, sustainability is key. Each step from choosing fabrics to making designs and finally on to manufacturing and packaging is sustainable. 

Nature Hommage also makes great collaborations with organizations to help provide jobs for the local communities and to help clean up the environment. We feel a strong need to give back to the community and to protect the ocean that we take from. 

We remove plastic waste from the oceans

Scientists forecast that the amount of plastic clogging the oceans would be more than the number of fishes in 2050. Approximately 1 million seabirds and marine mammals die every year due to plastic waste. 

To keep with our sustainability goals, we make our eco-conscious activewear from ECONYL Regenerated Nylon. This nylon is highly reusable and is made from industrial plastic waste and fishing nets. Making our activewear with nylon gotten by recycling plastic waste is our contribution to protecting the ocean. We make high-quality activewear while also protecting the environment. To know more about this nylon, visit econyl.

We collaborate with Plastic Bank

Nature Hommage is very happy to share our collaboration with the organization Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank seeks the value in plastic waste as a means to reduce poverty and protect the ocean from plastic waste pollution. 

For every garment we sell, we recycle 80 plastic bottles and stop them from ending up at the ocean. You can find more information about this at plasticbank.

We work for human rights and ethical working conditions

We support ethical working conditions, and that's why we use Bali's premium eco-friendly fashion manufacturer. As a supporter of human rights, we pay our Bali workers above the minimum wage and, most times, twice above it. 

We also provide all of our Bali employees with company insurance that covers their families against medical emergencies, prescriptions, doctor fees, and any other special medical assistance they might need. To protect them even further, we pay them 13 months of wages every year with a new month wage as a bonus.