Nature Hommage

What's the number one rule about making clothes? To design everything to last. This is exactly what Nature Hommage and being eco conscious is all about. The idea with our brand is to invest in quality fabrics and craftsmanship - but also to design with simplicity and function in mind.

Eco conscious brand that challenge the future

We, Nature Hommage, are aware of the massive problem our planet is facing. The majority of existing activewear is made from polyester - a resource consuming production process that requires a lot of energy and water. We have decided to challenge the traditional activewear industry and make sustainability the core concept of the Nature Hommage brand. Polyester is the most-used material in the activewear industry because of it's quick drying, stretching and lightweight. To reduce the environmental impact is a priority for us.

Sustainability and ethical practices are implemented in our whole supply chain from the beginning; from fabric, designs, manufacturing, packaging and collaborations. Together we help local communities, provide jobs for people in need and work for the environment. We feel a great responsibility to give back to the ocean, and Nature Hommage is our way of doing that. 

We remove plastic waste from the oceans

Our ethical and eco conscious activewear is made from ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. This means high quality reusable and regenerated nylon fiber made from fishing nets and other industrial plastic waste. More information can be found at

We collaborate with Plastic Bank

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with the organization Plastic Bank! Plastic Bank aims to reveal the value in plastic waste to alleviate poverty and help stop ocean plastic. This collaboration means that every sold garment also recycles 80 ocean-bound plastic bottles. More information can be found at

We work for human rights and ethical working conditions

Our activewear is manufactured by Bali’s premium manufacturer of eco-friendly fashion. As fashion and human rights go hand in hand our friends in Bali are paid well over the legal minimum - mostly twice the legal space or more. All employees and their families carry a company insurance against any medical emergencies including doctor fees, special medical assistance and prescription medicine. They also receive 13 months wages a year giving them a double wage for their yearly bonus.