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Stylish & Recycled - Workout Clothes for Women

Workout Clothes for Women

Brands today offers plenty of different workout clothes for women, created in variations of materials and colors. To figure out the best gear for your workout can be a tough choice when millions of options are being served. One important matter to have in mind when picking the right outfit is giving a thought to the production behind the piece. Ask yourself; What are my clothes actually made of? And; How does the fabric affect the environment? The fashion industry is filled with unsustainable brands mass-producing their way into society. 

Workout clothes for women

Most of today's brands are outpacing the sustainable capacity of our ecosystem, a state of mind that's won't take us far in our process of creating a balanced society. Instead, we are closing the circle of what a modern eco-conscious brand should offer; 100% eco-conscious workout clothes, eco-friendly packaging and, we also give back to organizations actively working for a plastic-free planet via collaborations. Sustainability is the core concept of our brand, therefore we highlight unsustainable and unethical production. The fashion industry is the number one biggest violators of the environment and most of the clothing produced today is made from crude oil and newly produced materials. With a bigger and bigger range of activewear out there, there is an endless supply of leggings, sports bras, and gym gear to choose from. The absolute best workout clothes for women includes a combination of ethical production, aesthetics and sustainable materials.

Recycled from plastic

Sustainability is key and therefore all of our leggings, sports bras and sports tops are made with recycled fabric. A high-techno fabric made out of recycled plastics called ECONYL®, which is made from regenerated plastic waste. The plastic is collected both from the sea and from landfills and then made into yarn in Italy. To higher the environmental impact for our workout clothes even more, Plastic Bank collects 80 plastic bottles from the ocean for each sold piece.

Stylish & minimalistic design

We provide good workout clothes for women; designed for ultimate performance and for a healthy planet. The aesthetic of our activewear is minimal, stylish and futuristic for a harmonized and feminine look. To have the right equipment and activewear can help you to create a great focus on your wellness, make you feel comfortable, and even, give you that extra confidence during a workout. A key to remember is; timeless pieces never go out of style so invest with thought. The nylon fabric that we use is characterized as super soft and almost silky in its texture which creates excellent comfort throughout the workout. Explore our sustainable collection.

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