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Top 3 Workout Apps - For Newbies and Pros

workout apps

An easy way to get some guidelines for your training is to start exploring workout apps. There is plenty of good apps out there that lets you track your daily workout data and provides you with full control over your physical wellness. These workout apps not only turns your phone into your own personal trainer, but it also offers a wide range of various exercise ideas so you never get too comfortable.

Workout apps - Easy and fun

There are plenty of workout apps out there and it can be quite overwhelming to know which one to start with. Here is a list with three workout apps that we think you should have your eyes on. These apps offer multiple exercises that you can easily perform at home, together with guidance, fun ideas and support. It's a mix of both paid-for options and free workout apps, just to suit everyone's budget.

1. Fitbit Coach

For someone who’s interested in getting into a daily workout routine, Fitbit Coach is an excellent choice. Fitbit Coach lets you choose your own personal at-home trainer. It's easy and motivating and led by an instructor that provides you with guidance throughout your workout. The instructions are being very clear and the app also gives you a chance to watch every move again by just tapping the screen. A great thing about this app is that it's very user-friendly and directly provides you with a ten-minute fitness test to see what level you are at. It's designed for everyone whether you're a pro or a newbie.

2. Workout Trainer

Our second choice of workout app is the Workout Trainer, an app designed to help you develop your exercise routine. It both provides you with notifications and different reminders to help you keep focused. This workout app also lets you go through a fitness test before you start to estimate what level you are on. Workout Trainer is designed both for veterans and for early beginners and it's also possible to hire a personal trainer with different areas of expertise. The paid version of this app lets you get access to over 100 different exercise programs, so it really suits everyone's needs.

3. Peloton Digital

Forget to buy a new fancy stationary bike to get in shape. Peloton Digital lets you enjoy the benefits of Peleton's fitness by just a simple download. This choice of workout app is perfect for busy days with lack of gym time, workout pros, or for someone who is just getting started and who's aiming for easy goals. This workout app gives you a 30-days free trial that gives you access to both cyclings, running as well as strength workouts. Peloton also provides you with cardio and yoga workouts that are fully guided. If you already own one of Peloton's home bikes, the memberships are free of charge. 

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