Thriving on plants - An inteview with Desirée Lundberg

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.
Warm, kind hearted and independent woman who strive to make a difference. Whether that be in one person´s life or for many living beings.
How do you incorporate health and sustainability in everyday life?
Sustainability to me is everything. I've recently started thinking about what a sustainable life means. To me it's being healthy, kind and being up to date with what is going on around me. My mornings are everything to me, coffee and yoga + vitamins. During the day I drink a lot of water and I eat mostly plant based food. Other than that I use mindfulness to remind myself of how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing people and try to focus on what's important. Exercising and listening to what my body need is also very important.
Do you think that sustainability and health is connected? If so, how?
Yes! Indeed, in many aspects. Being healthy means eating plant based food which reduces both your water footprint and co2 by 18 times and consuming meat. A plant based diet is also known for preventing many illnesses such as Alzheimer's, heart disease and cancer. Also in general your mood tends to be more up beat when having healthy food and taking care of yourself with yoga, mindfulness and exercise.
How long have you been vegan? What made you decide to change your diet?
I´ve been vegan for 3 years now. I was a vegetarian from the age of 10 (always cared for animals) but I always thought that being vegan was a bit too much ( probably due to the stereotypical vegan constantly being shown on tv) You know that person who looks truly unhealthy, have bad rhetoric skills and argument to why people shouldn´t have milk?. Well since I´m the kind of person who don´t walk around "believing" that the world is constructed in a specific way until proven so I eventually looked into the dairy industry. And what I found out was.. well I don´t have any words to describe how bad it is. And after that all the other reasons have just grown on me the more I´ve become aware of the major impact a plant based diet have.
Any books you recommend on the topic?

How not to die by Micheal Greger.

Favourite vegan recipe?
Omg there are so many, but I have to say that I can have roasted pumpkin and a kale salad any day. If one is new to vegan food one should def eat out.
Best vegan restaurant you have ever been to?
I love Ling Long in Stockholm actually!