The founder of Hållbarprofil - Amanda Borneke

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.
Im a former hair model and owner of the jewelry company Ada smycken. Overshoot Day 2010 was the first day I learned about overconsumption and I decided to end my company. Ever since then I have studied and learned about the environment and how we can save our planet.

What does being sustainable mean to you?
Sustainability means everything to me. It is life, how we treat our planet, people and profits. I usually say that sustainability is my fuel, but leadership is my passion. 

When did your interest and passion for sustainability begin?
I started out in consumption and went to India to study sustainabile textile productions.

An environmental issue you are extra passionate about?
Right now I am the Sustainabilty coach for the highest environmental ranking of demolition jobs in Gothenburg. I was voted to Sustainablity talent 2019 for my positive message about how to turn industrial waste into resources.

A documentary which you recommend everyone to watch?
I would recommend Climate Sceptics - which is mainly about why we should not believe in climate change. It is a great way to learn about the other side of our movement to learn how to tackle them in dicussions.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mother is one of my biggest inspirations, she has several companies and does always follow her dream. She is one of the reasons why I pursued my own dreams, always pushing me to be in my growth zone and be thankful for my way there.

Goals/vision for hållbarprofil? What impact do you want to have with your plattform?
Hållbarprofil is my platform where I do not work. I just relax and have fun with sustainability. My aim with the IG account is to invite people to my lifestyle and motivate people to do the same. Sustainability is easy!