Plant Based By Tess - Cookbook author, food creator & foodie

What does being sustainable mean to you? 

For me being sustainable is about living and thriving today, and at the same time taking care of the planet and generations to come. It’s about being conscious, taking responsibility and making as good choices as you possibly can - without letting it "destroy” you (as in getting climate anxiety or feel stupid those times when you make not as “good” choices. Because those times will come and that’s okay). It’s FUN living a sustainable life! See it as an adventure; discover new ways to do things such ad travel, cook food and consume things.

When did you decide to go plant-based?

It’s been with me for quite some years now, but it’s been a process when I started incorporate more and more green food in my life about 10 years ago, until I found myself all plant based and knew that was the way I wanted to live. I really love plant based food!! I think that it tastes out of this world, is the most creative and fun way ever to cook, plus it makes my body and the planet happy. Plus, for me it’s also an ethical question, as I cannot resonate with how the animal industry (on so many places) looks today and it tears my heart appart seeing how the animals are treated.

How did plantbasedbythess begin?

With a passion for plant based food, and the urge to inspire people to discover the plant based world and all beautiful things it has to offer! Both when it comes to food but also a whole lifestyle where consciousness leads the way and we know that we cannot be happy and thriving in a sick world.

Tell us a bit more about Hållklarhetspodden!

It’s a podcast about sustainability, about what sustainability is REALLY about. I’ve spend so many days on google trying to find out about ingredients/content in everything from food to clothing and beauty products. To find climate smart ways to travel, decrease my consumption patterns, support small companies, stay á jour on all things sustainable AND SO ON. Until I realised that everyone cannot be an expert on everything. That was when the idea for the podcast came up. I wanted to invite experts/authors/scientists to talk about all these different areas where I had SO many questions and so I did!! So, during 10 episodes I've interviewed awesome people to get to know how we can be a bit more sustainable for everyday. And THRIVE at the same time!
An environmental issue you are extra passionate about?
Food production! One of my driving forces is to help raise the awareness about the challenges (and possibilities!!) we face today when it comes to the food we’re producing and eating, and to inspire people to enjoy plant based food!
Best self-care tips?

Take time off cyber world. Logg off SoMe, spend time in nature - with people you love but also (!) with yourself. Spend time without any plans, must or the need to accomplish anything.
Something most people don't know about you?

I love drawing, and used to illustrate quite a lot. And still do whenever I find the time to! Actually, my IG account first started out as a place to share my drawings (and some of them can still be found in the very start of my feed!)