Meet fitness trainer Giorgia

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.
Hmm...I’m definitely a fighter, a very kind-hearted, a get-it-done kind of person! A very black and white girl - “yes eat the broccoli - it’s good for your health, butt ohhh that cake though...(it’s good for the soul)”
When did your fitness journey begin and how has it looked like/changed over the years?
I’ve never been sporty (I was too shy haha!). One day I just decided to put everything aside and just start already! I began with home workouts, and then someone dragged me to a gym and it kind of snowballed from there. I sat the entire holiday thereafter watching gym videos and building my knowledge. I studied fitness and here I am! There’s hope for everyone - just start!
What keeps you motivated?
I can’t pinpoint what kept me motivated in the beginning - I guess it was just super fun to learn something new and see what I can do each day. Now it’s definitely setting goals and seeing results that keep me motivated.
What is a common misconception regarding weightlifting?
OMG yes - girl you will not get bulky! What will happen though is you will lose fat in a shorter amount of time, get stronger and get TONED. Your body will look full and healthy (in my opinion this is the best way to get rid of cellulite and fat faster).
Any tips for how to set (or how to begin setting) fitness/health goals?
Do not compare - no “I want to look like that” nonsense. This is our own body and your own journey.
Be specific - what exactly do I want to achieve (Get fit, get strong, lose fat, get muscle mass, or just be generally healthy etc.)
Measurable - identify exactly what it is you will see, hear, feel, or touch. E.g. get your body fat percentage measured every month; or eat unhealthy food once or twice a week.
Attainable - is the goal acceptable to you? Will you be able to do it with your schedule? Weigh in the effort, time, costs, obligations, priorities etc.
Realistic - there’s nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, but be realistic about it. You won’t be able to lose 5 kgs every week (in a healthy way anyway). Just be patient!
Time-based - prioritize, install deadlines, do what you need to do and don’t waste time!
What impact do you want to have through your channel? 
I want to promote HEALTH & HAPPINESS. Having a six-pack all year long and not eating carbs is not healthy, nor will it make you happy. 
Push yourself to the limit and eat your broccoli but also have a nap and eat a donut (not everyday though).
Your mental health is just as important!
Finally, if you had to choose one, burpees or pushups? 
Haha! Daaaamn...definitely burpees (without the pushup!!)