Madeleine - The green fashionista

Who is Madeleine? 

I am a sustainable influencer living in London, about to finish my fashion business degree and recently started my own business which is an e-commerce for sustainable brands called @thelagomconcept.
When did you begin to get interested in sustainable fashion?
My interest for sustainability started early, but went on high speed during my years in high school when i had a very interesting teacher in sustainable society, this was also when I started my blog, and as someone who has always had an interest in fashion I quickly realised the huge impact and decided that I need to do something about this, hence the blog.
What is one misperception you think that people have about slow fashion?
That it’s boring! I hear this all the time, and this is exactly why I wanted to start the e-com, to show people that it is not!
What should people look for in a sustainable brand?
Look for a short supply chain, honesty and transparency. It is impossible to be 100% sustainable, but find a brand that is honest in what they are doing and passionate to do better.
Fun fact most people don't know about you?
Oh hard one.. I used to compete in Hiphop and was in a hiphop crew when I was about 15! (I’m cooler than I look hehe)