Interview with Sofie Norman!

How would your friends and family describe you?
A positive and happy soul with a big heart and high ambitions.
What does being sustainable mean to you?
I think it is a mindset where you think differently and see things from a new perspective. It can be to change your habits to eat more vegetarian food, use reusable bags for grocery shopping and to not buy that take-away coffee every day. Instead, you can bring your own!
What is an environmental cause you are extra passionate about?
How we can use less plastic, and especially straws! I try to always order drinks without a straw and inspire others to do the same. It tastes the same with or without.
You did a course about recycling and upcycling in Chile! What was one take-away from the course? How did it impact you?
Yes I did, it was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken! My whole exchange semester in Santiago de Chile had a huge impact on me because I started to reflect on my own behaviour when it came to what I ate and bought. In the course we learned about the damage of non-disposable plastic and how it affects the earth, which has affected my everyday life. I am now more aware of what I buy and how we can recycle it (I love your brand!). It is sometimes a challenge but there are small ways to always be better.
And lastly.. What makes you excited?
That I am now done with university and at the beginning of a new chapter of my life, where I can start to shape my career.