Interview with Greta!

When did you start and what made you become active in 800m running?
When I was 12yo I ran a cross country competition with my school which was fun and after that I just continued with middle distance. When I was around 15yo it felt natural to start with the 800m which should be my best distance, but who knows...
How does being an athlete make you a better person?
If you met me right after a race that didn’t go well probably you wouldn’t say it makes me a better person... but I think T&F, as any other sport, gives you discipline and makes you understand you need to put passion and determination in what you do in order to succeed, no matter in which filed. It also teaches to learn from failure.
What is the best part about competing?
The absolutely best thing is the feeling you have in those perfect moments when you feel good in body and mind and everything just goes how you’ve planned or even better. It doesn’t happen every race, but when it does, it’s magic.
I would also say an amazing part is the whole journey to get there: everything from the hard winter preparation, to the weeks before the season when you can start feeling the good vibes within the training group, to the adrenaline you feel during race days. No matter what the final result is.
What mental tool do you use under pressure?
There are a lot of different mental tools and I think each athlete needs to find what’s best for him/her. I believe it is important to work on this since mental stress can have a great impact on your running as well. Recently I’ve started with some breathing and focusing techniques to relax and try to find a mental training routine that suits me but I’m still working on that actually.
What is you favorite sports quote?
It’s one thing that “Cecco”, who was my coach when I was living in Italy, used to tell me: “Impari più da una sconfitta che da cento vittorie” - You learn more from one defeat than form 100 victories.
Who is your favorite sports hero?
Carolina Kluft!
Name three words that describes you...
Stubborn, extrovert, driven.