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Master Interval Running

interval running

High-intensity interval running has emerged as a new form of training to improve fitness, but also an alternative to improving health. This exercise affects the entire body - including the brain. Among other things, physical activity raises the levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which are involved in how well we store memories.

Why you should try interval running

In the past decade, researchers have seen that repeating short, very high-intensity sprint work several times within a training session, and if this type of training occurs regularly, training effects are similar to what one normally looks for in endurance training. Researchers have therefore suggested that repeated high-intensity intervals should constitute a fourth major type of exercise. You already know that it is good for the brain to perform regular aerobic exercise, and fitness training. It improves memory, attention and learning. But you want to understand why it is so beneficial and what the best training, intensity and duration are.

Returning cortisol to normal levels

Cycling or running at full speed without changing the tempo can raise the stress hormone cortisol, which blocks the positive effects. Exactly cortisol seemed to play an important role in whether or not an exercise was mentally beneficial. High cortisol levels blocked neuroplasticity, but interval training seems to be able to function anyway by returning cortisol to normal levels. What makes the brain special is that, unlike a computer, it processes sensory and motor signals in parallel. It has different nerve pathways/connections that can replicate different functions. So if the brain is damaged, it can direct signals along another path. The more "elastic" the brain, the easier it is.

Reducing the risk of chronic illness

High-intensity interval running improves fitness and reduces the risk of chronic illness as well or better than time-consuming endurance training. exercise. New research results show that exercise for ten minutes gives effect. Some have dismissed the training form as only a trend. The results from the research, on the other hand, are remarkable. The mechanisms that explain these results are currently being investigated in several labs around the world.

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