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Top 3 Home Workouts

home workouts
The spring of 2020 has made us explore new workout options, especially home workouts. Unless you don't have your own beautiful home gym, we've gathered three of our favourite home workouts for you to kickstart your daily - or weekly - workout routine. You don't actually need a fancy membership at a gym to build your muscles and there are endless of different options available out there. Our favourite home workouts can be done just about anywhere, anytime and at any level.

Home workouts - Just as effective as the gym

We have fallen in love with the concept of a home workout. It's a mood contributor, an endorphin kicker and a real-time saviour. A home workout can be just as effective as a regular gym session if performed correctly and consistently. The ultimate key is to focus on activating the body, whether it's a 2 minutes plank or a 30 minute ballet session. We have now gathered our top three for you!

1. 5 minutes plank workoutA challenge for both mind and core 

The plank exercise is one of the most effective and popular fat burning exercises. It's easy to perform and has loads of benefits, as well as improving balance and posture, strengthening your core and reduce back pain. By performing a plank workout regularly it will help you to improve your balance and posture both when standing and sitting. This 3-5 minute exercise activates your muscles, including your shoulders, glutes, core etc. Compared to a regular crunch that activates 64% of your abs, this exercise activates 100% of your abs. Are you as convinced as us to try it out?

2. A yoga session with Adriene

Our second favourite of home workout is Adriene Mishler's programme on youtube. This one all about yoga- a 5000-year-old exercise form. It's a full-body and mind discipline which combines meditation, breathing and physical postures. Adriane offers a 30 day programme that can fully be done in your living room - it's also completely free. Studies have confirmed that yoga has an excellent impact on both physical and phycological health. The exercise increases flexibility and strength and it also reduces anxiety and depression. The programme consists of both yoga and meditation in a balanced combination. Our absolute favourite stream at Nature Hommage is "Yoga to feel your best" - try it out at It's a great way to kickstart the day with this stress release and relaxation activity.

3. Ballet beautiful - Train like a ballerina

This excellent home workout was founded by Mary Helen Bowers - a professional ballerina dancer who has been dancing in New York for over 10 years. Mary is also known for being the stunning actress Natalie Portman's personal trainer in the award-winning movie Black Swan. Ballet has been around for many years and has a great history. It's a classic form of workout that provides full body strength, feminine grace together with a wide range of flexibility. The online platform Ballet Beautiful offers an archive of 300 workout videos and a range of workout programs.

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