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The Crop Top - The Return of a 90s Legend

crop top

If you took a look into your wardrobe, would you say that the most simple pieces are the most valuable? Not valuable by price-tag or designer, but by longevity. The crop top entered the limelight in the 90s, and while most of us vividly remember Victoria Beckham on the red carpet wearing crop-top, low cut jeans, and a Tessuto Mini Prada bag, the crop top trend quickly turned into a fad. But just like the phoenix rose from the ashes, the crop-top made a strong comeback as it has returned and has become a go-to choice in all corners of the fashion industry, from the red carpet to athletics.

And it's not surprising, as the short, slightly flirty design completes the finishing touch to any outfit. It is an essential piece that harmonizes with everything from a pair of jeans, a long summer skirt, or your favorite pair of leggings.

Comfort + Style = True

Comfort is top on our priority list, as we believe comfy materials make the best pieces. Recycled Nylon is the century's fabric; it is incredibly soft, balmy on the skin, and shimmeringly beautiful when it seizes the sun. Because we created our Compression Crop Top using recycled Nylon, it's nearly irresistible to take off. The incredibly comfy top is perfect for a workout, sunrise yoga, or simply for daily use.

The Ultimate Crop Top by Nature Hommage

We created a crop top that provides both compressions, comfort, and style. We made it available in our earthiest colors: Sand, Forest, and Snow.

Styling tip from our founders'

Pair the classic crop top with a pair of timeless Panel Leggings, either in the same color as leggings or in the white color that matches everything. We believe that anything in your closet can easily fit a silky and stylish top.

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