Carolin Solskär - Head of innovation at Nordic Tech House

How would you describe yourself in 1-2 sentences?
I’m both very curious and very determent. That is a great combination because it makes me try new things all the time, but I also complete them, I don’t give up. 
What does being sustainable mean to you?

Finding ways of doing stuff that will work for a long amount of time. Humans are often very lazy, so being sustainable and finding sustainable ways of doing things is coming up with solutions that people actually will do. It doesn’t work - unfortunately - to just tell people ”go vegan” or ”don’t use plastic” - there has to be an easy way for people to chose that alternative.

Even if they know that eating meat and dairy is bad for the environment (and for ethical reasons) they still do it, because it is easier to continue in their old habit than doing something new. There are many things we can do to help the environment, but it doesn’t matter if no one is doing it. So being sustainable for me is not just about ”being environmentally friendly”, but to also doing those thing in a way so that you can continue to do them for the rest of your life. 
An environmental cause you are extra passionate about?
The ocean. I worked 9 years as a sailor so it has a very special place in my heart. Seeing all the damage we human put on it breaks my heart. For a long time it has been seen as a big dumpster, but the ocean and all the wild life in it is so important.

Congratulations to becoming a licenced PT! What made you interested in pursuing that path?
Thank you! I’m very interested in health and fitness, but I haven’t always been. When I hired my first Personal Trainer some years ago, that was really life changing for me, and to now be able to help others on their fitness journey feels incredible.
There is so much psydeouscience around fitness and there are so many bad ways of training where you can actually hurt yourself or that will make you hate working out. If I can show people how to train safe and in a way that they enjoy so that they will continue to do it the rets of their lives, then I know that I will be part of changing their lives to the better. 
What is your best saying/quote? Both regarding workout and life?
”Have dreams so big that small-minded people gets uncomfortable”.
For me that means ”dare to dream big and dare to say those dream out loud.” No matter if that means that you want to deadlift 150 kg, be the CEO of your own company or saving the world, OWN IT. Don’t be afraid of saying what you want because someone else will say that it’s wrong or stupid. When people ask me what my big dream is, I say that I want to save the world. That might sound silly, but I don’t care. I know that I’m meant to do great things, but I will never accomplish that if I don’t even dare to dream it. 
What does the future hold?
I have NO IDEA, and that’s whats excites me! My life changes so much all the time, just looking back 1 year I could never have imagined me to be where I am now. But I know I’m gonna spend my life doing something good. I’m not gonna waste my time watching Netflix or thinking about tomorrows ”prefect outfit”. I’m here to make a difference. But I don’t know how yet.
And lastly, what is something most people don’t know about you?
When I was 22 I bicycled across Sweden. It was raining every day and at one point I almost died due to accidentally eating a peanut (which I’m deadly allergic to) and ended up spending a night at a hospital. But I made it and it was so much fun! Would definitely do it again!

Fotocred: Marilia Bognandi