A minimalist on a sustainability journey

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences
I'm Marie, just turned 28 years old, and lives in Stockholm. I see my self as a
minimalist on a journey to live more sustainable. I'm a curious & positive person who's always eager to learn and improve.
How do you define minimalism?
For me minimalism is a personalized lifestyle and tool. It’s about being intentional about how we spend our time, money, energy etc. It’s about avoiding excess while striving for freedom and to live a more meaningful life while surrounding ourselves with what adds value and joy.
When did you decide that you wanted a more simple, minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle?
4 years ago I realised that I needed a change. I was so stressed out because I worked so much but still felt I didn’t have any money or time. I was spending way too much time on consuming stuff and finding ways to earn more money.. so I could consume more stuff. I stumbled upon minimalism and was hooked! I read everything I could find about it, so I started to declutter the excess in my life and that has been a long process that's been going on for years. A year ago when I got more aware of the climate changes I started to live more sustainable. I also found out that minimalism and sustainability has a surprisingly close connection.
Any tools that you recommend for anyone who wants to declutter?
I recommend you to declutter with the KonMari method by Marie Kondo. Read her book: “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It’s basically about only keeping the stuff that spark joy. Her method has really been helpful to me!
Another tip is to follow minimalists or aspiring minimalist on social media and follow their journey. That’s really something that I felt inspired me! Last but not least, watch the Minimalist documentary on Netflix.
What are your thoughts on the fast fashion and how have your approach to it changed over the last couple of years?
I stopped buying fast fashion last year because I started to feel really bad when I got aware about the industry and it’s bad effect on the environment and human rights. I simply can’t support that. I think it took me long to quit fast fashion because it’s so cheap and convenient. But once I did my own research on it I and was horrified. Today I buy my clothes from brands that are sustainable and ethical. I also invest in high quality clothes that last longer and doesn't get out of trend to make sure that I get the most use out if it. I think it’s important that we keep talking about the fast fashion industry so more people get aware of the problems and together change our consumer behaviours.
How has downsizing impacted you life?
I feel lighter, happier, more free now when I’m not attached to stuff like I was before! I also don’t spend as much money as before, which means that I got more money to do things that matter to me. Like learning new stuff by taking evening classes or travel and experience new places. The best thing is that I have so much more time to do this and don’t stress as much.
Any tips for someone who wants to live a more minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle?
1. Start reading about the topic, read books, follow blogs, watch youtube videos about minimalism. But remember to always do it your way, we’re all different and live different lives.
2. Surround yourself with inspiring people with the same mindset.
3. Realize that change doesen't happen overnight. It takes time and it's ok.